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The placement of ISBM acknowledges the international commendation of the institute.The students of ISBM has vast and varied career options internationally and they get opportunities globally. The two year online MBA program is not only highly prompt but also very interactive and this makes it easy for the learners to seek a work-life balance, they are having a platform where they can learn as well as fulfill their other commitments at both the corporate and domestic front.

ISBM is an ISO 9001-2008 international B-School certified by United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS). It is registered with British Standard Institute (BSI). It provides online MBA program with a vast variety of correspondence courses and an extensive gamut of other courses also.

ISBM is linked with various national agencies also, like the Indian Society for Technical Education, the National HRD Network, the Bombay Management Association, The National Development Agency and NCHEMS - National Development Agency. The virtual world has enhanced the distance learning opportunity at ISBM and the rapidity and consistency has made the worth of ISBM course more authentic, the students can learn swiftly and with ease and comfort.

The social learning opportunity is also an advantage at ISBM as it has associations with organizations like AL-NOOR, an organization founded by Mrs. Salma Ansari and working towards the upliftment of the society by educating the students. These different opportunities and certification make ISBM an internationally valid choice for the learners.

MBA is valid with ISBM

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An exigent MBA program is the one which augments a deep understanding and files ones logical skills in order to be triumphant in business world.ISBM MBA is the most valid program as it allows its students to emphasize their widespread industry outlook, and offers them the prospect to study with and learn from people of speckled environment. The school has its twigs across India and is the most advanced in its kind.

MBA is valid with ISBM

ISBM Courses

The courses of ISBM are the most eye-catching and primary choice of as the learners as they are internationally acclaimed by associations such as Richfield university and CMI.The wonderful opportunity of distance learning compounded with e-learning makes the MBA Program a greater advantage for the students.

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The program is so designed to master its students in the managerial skills and making them capable to handle efficiently the key roles and responsibilities.

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  Valid MBA Course from ISBM  
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  ISBM paves a path to early success in life through its fast track short duration correspondence more}  
  Valid MBA Course from ISBM  
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  ISBM MBA is the most valid program as it allows its students to emphasize their widespread industry outlook.  
  Valid MBA Course from ISBM  
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  Valid MBA Course from ISBM  
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